Initial consultation

On arrival for your initial consultation you will be asked to complete a Client registration form, and if you were referred by a GP or Psychiatrist, their provider information (included in their referral documentation) will be recorded so you can claim the relevant rebate for the session. Please bring the referral documentation with you to the initial consultation.

If you intend to use the Medicare rebate system, you must have a Treatment Plan (also called an MHP) from your GP before the session as rebates cannot be back-dated. Most Private Health Funds do not require the MHP to make a claim, but check with your provider if you prefer to claim via your Fund.

The initial consultation is quite different from subsequent sessions, and much of the time is spent putting the therapist “in the picture”. This does not mean you need to know what the problem is (usually this is quite difficult to put into words at first), but it does mean the Clinical Psychologist listens carefully to your situation and, by asking questions, begins to form options on how best to help you. The feedback from this session can be sufficient, but usually a more involved course of therapy is necessary to resolve significant concerns.

You may wish to speak to the Clinical Psychologist privately, or have someone with you for support and provide additional information.

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