Undertaking Therapy

The decision to undertake a course of therapy can be a life-changing one. But like everything worthwhile, it involves some effort and a commitment to yourself that now is the time to resolve your concerns.

Therapy typically involves a number of sessions conducted weekly over 2 to 3 months, which when compared with obtaining even modest physical health, is a short period of time. More importantly, the work once done, tends to be permanent (unlike physical exercise). Like learning to read, while some effort was required at the time, once learned the knowledge / skill remains with you forever. And unlike medication, the more you use it the more effective it becomes.

Please note individual circumstances will differ, and treatment goals and duration will necessarily vary, but as a general guide, within 2-3 sessions you should feel a clear sense that the therapy is moving you in a beneficial direction. If not, the therapist and you should feel comfortable enough to discuss this openly. There is nothing wrong in considering if the therapist is right for you. 

Within 4-6 sessions after that, you should be able to see that therapy has "made a difference". That is, not all the issues are resolved, but that you already feel significant changes are occurring. There should also be a growing awareness of "momentum" - that necessary change is gathering pace.

Depending on the complexity of the issues, additional sessions may be required before you and your therapist feel confident the necessary work is concluded. This is more than just attaining agreed behavioural goals (although this is an essential part), but a deeper conviction that you are once again in charge of your life.

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