Working with Couples

This is a complex area, and often by the time a couple come to therapy, there is considerable strain on the relationship. Usually, both partners are immensely unhappy, and continuing unchanged is no longer an option.

At Armstrong Psychology the overall goal is for both partners to find a way to achieve the necessary improvement in their quality of life - for both to identify and express their relationship needs and have them fully met, without compromise.

Each relationship is unique, and so are the solutions. At Armstrong Psychology, there is no specific agenda to necessarily keep people together if this is not the better outcome for both partners. Happily though, this is more often the outcome.

Typically a couple will attend the initial session together, and time is spent exploring the shared, and separate, needs of each.

This may involve spending time with each individual separately before coming together again to discuss treatment options. This process may take 2 sessions to complete.

Sessions typically include both partners together, and this is often the fastest way to resolve relationship concerns. However, like any “system”, significant gains can be achieved working with 1 partner. As that person's life begins to change, so the whole system changes.

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