Cancelation policy

Life doesn't always run like clockwork, and every reasonable effort is made to accommodate the unexpected. Where a situation arises that prevents you from attending, please ring as soon as possible to reschedule the appointment.

When cancelation is truly unavoidable, rescheduling the appointment will generally be without charge. However, once treatment has begun you are strongly encouraged to continue sessions as planned. This can actually reduce the amount and duration of distress raised while confronting painful issues, and can shorten overall treatment.

With the exception noted above, where a cancelation is made, or a scheduled appointment is not attended, a cancelation fee of $49.50 will be charged. This is in fairness to the clinician, and others who might otherwise have been able to utilise that time & is the policy of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Unlike the APS, the cancelation fee is considerably less than recommended (e.g APS advocates 100% of the fee if rescheduled or canceled on the day of appointment). 

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