Do I need medications

You do not need to be on any form of medication in order to see a Clinical Psychologist.

You do not need to have previously been treated (successfully or otherwise) on any medication.

For many, treatment by a Clinical Psychologist is a preferred first-rank treatment option, and for many, this has been a successful approach.

Many clients who seek psychological support prefer non-pharmacological treatment, or see medication as an adjunct or supplementary to treating the underlying causes of their distress. For many, treatment success with a return to a full sense of emotional health and well-being is achieved without ever having to draw on medication offerings.

Some clients seek therapy after having been on numerous medications over a prolonged period, sometimes years, without a resolution that is satisfactory to them. Many of these clients have also benefited significantly from therapy.

Importantly, in the 21st Century we do not need to suffer pain (including emotional pain) unnecessarily and medications, such as anti-depressants, have a place in providing symptom relief. Commencing or continuing their use does not interfere with psychological treatment.

Because individual circumstances differ, if you have any concerns please discuss this with your referring GP as they can provide details about medications that may be of benefit, their likely side-effects, and how long it is recommended you remain on the drug if commenced.

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