How do Clinical Psychology and Psychology differ

Clinical Psychologists and Psychologists are similar. Both receive extensive University training in various facets of psychology, both are required to undertake continued training throughout their professional careers, and for all of their academic work, the primary focus is on psychology. Both are professionally recognised and licensed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Only Clinical Psychologists however are authorised and endorsed by AHPRA to practise as Clinical Psychologists. While both Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists are licensed to provide “focused psychological strategies” for Clients, only Clinical Psychologists can provide “psychological therapy” as defined by Medicare.

Clinical Psychologists have a minimum of 6 years of University and post-graduate training (Psychologists minimum 4), and have undertaken extensive supervision (typically minimum of 1000 hours) before being eligible for the APHRA endorsement.

As well as the additional training and broader treatment options which might better meet a Client's individual circumstances, Medicare also provides higher rebates for Clinical Psychology services. Individual circumstances will vary, but this may result in an effective course of treatment over a shorter period of time, along with less out-of-pocket expenses.

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