How To Treat Anxiety Disorders Effectively

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treat anxiety

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has been one of the most effective treatments for generalized anxiety disorders. It is a short-term therapy that teaches you to recognize your thought patterns and how they contribute to your anxiety and how to respond to them positively. CBT usually lasts about three to four months and is done on an outpatient basis. During your therapy, you will learn how to identify negative thoughts and how to replace them with more positive thoughts and feelings.


If you are having trouble treating your anxiety disorders on your own, you should consider talking to your doctor about the possibility of taking medication. Taking medication can help to treat anxiety disorders, but it should always be under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor. If you are currently on medication, you may have to continue your therapy at home to take your medicine. Your doctor can give you the full list of dosages that are allowed for your medication.

Antidepressants are commonly used to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Some of the most common antidepressants used are serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like Prozac and Zoloft. However, some antidepressants have been known to cause panic attacks, especially when taken during times of high anxiety. SSRIs have been known to make a person feel anxious even when they are not feeling particularly anxious.

Other Forms of Therapy

Other forms of therapy that you can consider treating your anxiety disorders and panic disorder on your include hypnotherapy and biofeedback. Both of these treatments require that you undergo cognitive behavioural therapy sessions. During your sessions, you will learn how to control your breathing, body movements, and mental responses. You will also learn how to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorder by changing your thought processes and how you respond to stressful situations.

A variety of herbs and vitamins are also often used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. Valerian is often used to treat sleeplessness. It is often used to treat headaches, as well. Lemon balm is often used to treat nausea and vomiting, and it can also be used to treat a variety of symptoms. St. John’s Wort, passionflower, Valerian root, and hops extract have all been known to treat different types of symptoms.

treat anxiety

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is often used along with medications. In this type of therapy, your therapist will help you change the way you think about certain thoughts that lead to anxiety or trigger your symptoms. For instance, if you worry that you are going to die from having an asthma attack, you will have these fearful thoughts constantly running through your mind. Your therapist will help you change your thoughts to positive thoughts such as “I’m going to make it through this day,” or “I’m going to overcome my fears.” After your therapist helps you change your thoughts and your behaviours toward your anxiety disorders, you will begin to notice a significant reduction in your symptoms.


Another common form of treatment for anxiety disorders is psychotherapy. When you discuss your fears and worries with a therapist, they can help you discover ways to express your thoughts so that they are not stored in your subconscious mind. After identifying negative thoughts, your therapist can help you change the way you think and talk about them. Your therapist may use cognitive behavioural therapy in which you are given new statements, tasks and behaviour to replace your old negative thinking. Your therapist may also offer medications or breathing exercises to help you change your emotions and thoughts.

Psychodynamic therapy is often used in conjunction with other forms of therapy. During psychodynamic therapy, you and your therapist examine your beliefs and motivations and determine why you develop certain thoughts and behaviour patterns. It is sometimes necessary for your therapist to work with your family as well, discussing things with them as well. This type of therapy has been known to treat many types of anxiety disorders.

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