Partner Relationship Distress – Save Your Relationship

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relationship distress

Partner relationship distress is a common theme in many couples who are struggling to create, maintain and enhance their intimate and often loving relationship. While there are certainly cases of single parents having a good relationship, the overwhelming majority of relationships in the world today involve a significant other, usually a spouse or partner. The high rate of divorce coupled with the pressures that come from various aspects of modern society is making relationship distress a more common problem for all relationships.

The positive reminiscence of being loved, cared for and appreciated is something that all people long to experience in a relationship. Unfortunately, many of the negative elements that come as a result of this experience impact negatively on relationships. Some of these include high stress levels, loss of excitement and romance due to frequent conflict and a lack of communication. However, some elements can help improve positively the quality of relationships. One of these elements is intimacy.

Positive Intimacy

Two major components of positive intimacy can be very beneficial in helping troubled couples to move beyond some of the relationship issues that they are experiencing. First, dyadic intimacy is very important. This is when one partner shares personal time, space, and emotional support with another. Without this sharing of personal responsibility and support, both partners are feeling very distant from each other, and this can have an extremely detrimental effect on the relationship.

Second, a positive relationship achievement includes emotional expression. In essence, all of our relationships are built upon our experiences and emotions. It is when we are hurting or are feeling sad, or simply are missing something in our lives that we are likely to ask questions, ask for emotional support, and engage in sharing our experiences. As a result, true partnership is not only based upon strong physical attraction or lust but more importantly, the emotional investment that is shared between the partners.


So how can one partner relationship distress contribute to the development of a healthy relationship? Well, when a couple is experiencing relationship distress, they are likely to be excluding one another from the experience of their relationship. This can cause the couple to question their own experiences and to see the relationship from an outside perspective. In essence, the partner relationship distress can contribute to the breakdown of the intimacy within the relationship.

relationship distress

Rebuilding Intimacy and Trust

So how do you know when your relationship is suffering from partner relationship distress? First, when one partner leaves the relationship, this will inevitably cause the other partner to leave them. When this happens, both partners will have invested a lot of emotional support into the relationship. Therefore, when this occurs, a rupture can occur, and the relationship can begin the process of rebuilding intimacy and trust. This does not happen overnight and will take some time to build back to where it was.

Second, if the relationship has already experienced partner relationship distress, this relationship will need to be worked on before it can be saved. Remember, when a relationship is in trouble, it usually has taken a long time for it to develop to the stage where it can be saved. Working on the relationship first will give you the best chance to succeed.

Finally, if your relationship is suffering from partner relationship distress, you need to get serious about it now. If you wait until things get better, it is unlikely that they will get better. You need to commit to each other to work on the relationship and save it. Working together can be the best thing for you and your relationship.

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